The second year – treading water

So you’ve spent a little time in the water, and you think your well adjusted. Only to find out, the first year is just half of the uphill battle. The second year you spend in college will be one of the most difficult socially, academically, and professionally. The proverbial “sophomore slump” is no joking matter.

You learn very quickly in your second year who you’re true friends are and which were just “proximity” pals. This may come as a shock when everyone moves out of the forced awkward social situation that is the dorm. The good news is, if you succeeded in “jumping in” you’ll have a good base of people who you can relate to come this year and trust me – you’ll need them.

Your classes will be more difficult, and you’re in that awkward position where you’re too old to take another typical customer service job for your resume, but very few companies will actually consider you for a paid internship. Your second year will be tough, but focus on what matters. Keep treading water, by focusing on those who mean the most and beginning to build a solid professional network, you can’t go wrong. The biggest takeaway from this portion of your life is that its important not to change lanes until you are comfortable. Rely on your friends and be sure to keep up with all the work. If you look back at when most people choose to leave school for good, it happens in the second year. Don’t let that be you and just keep grinding, for its only a year, and it will get better!


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for part 4 tomorrow!


My second year was filled with turmoil. I made a few bad decisions, namely joining a fraternity (everyone reading – don’t feel like this is the only way to meet new people in a new university, I promise you’ll regret it). I met some great people, but made the choice that was right for me in the end. Through that choice I became even closer to some of my earlier friends, and that’s certainly something I would never go back on. I also took the opportunity to travel abroad. Going to Ghana was one of the best experiences of my life – I met some amazing people, whom I still stay in touch with today, and began to see the world through a new lens. If you have this opportunity – take it!

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